Home Baby feeding set AngelamiaoNon toxic baby feeding set set, Baby feeding set, spoon set, 7-piece set for baby complementary food, set in blue
$137 (tax inclusive)
AngelamiaoNon toxic baby feeding set set, Baby feeding set, spoon set, 7-piece set for baby complementary food, set in blue
AngelamiaoNon toxic baby feeding set
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Product name: AngelamiaoNon toxic baby feeding setProduct name: AngelamiaoNon toxic baby feeding set
Product number: 100059239368Product number: 100059239368
Product gross weight: 368.00gProduct gross weight: 368.00g
Origin: Chinese MainlandOrigin: Chinese Mainland
Category: Bowl/Plate/DishCategory: Bowl/Plate/Dish
Is it heat-resistant? Not heat-resistantIs it heat-resistant? Not heat-resistant
Specification: Combination installationSpecification: Combination installation
Material: silicone, PP (polypropylene)Material: silicone, PP (polypropylene)
Domestic/Imported: DomesticDomestic/Imported: Domestic
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